America MUST Die!

But you don’t have to share her fate!

History tells us that human empires last for only 250 years. America is entering her final decade of existence.

We are living on borrowed time but how will the end come?

The Bible reveals that the end shall be:

  • By sudden destruction
  • People will be cut off in one day
  • 90% of the American people will perish
  • The remnant will go into physical slavery
  • The saints are protected and taken up at the final trump

In the book of Revelation we are admonished to “Come out of her my people lest you share in her plagues!”

You don’t have to suffer through the tribulation or die for your faith but you must make yourself ready for the return of Messiah, for you own sake and that of your children, family and friends.

You MUST lean the signs to be watching for so that you can be numbered among the wise virgins who are ready when the Bridegroom returns.

There is safety in a multitude of counsel and all members of the Body of Messiah have insight to offer. So if you are interested in sharing your wisdom please join our forum because you can help unlock the secrets of the Revelation and Daniel which were sealed until the end of time.

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