Prophecy in the News – 17 July 2015

There were three major prophetic events in the news over the last couple of weeks.

  1. The Supreme Court decision on gay marriage. 

This is a clear manifestation of the period of deception when good will be called evil and evil good. It astounded me how many, so called, mainstream Christian churches embraced this aberrant and ungodly decision.

It has already heralded further legal persecution of Christians in the United States. It is totally contrary to the law of God explicitly stated in the Bible. This deception foisted on the country by the court has already spawned calls for the legalization of polygamous marriages. The end game of these activists is the total destruction of the Christian family unit and legalization of pedophilia.

Please watch this video to gain a greater understanding of the impact this will have on America.


  1. The nuclear deal with Iran. 

Although Obama is heralding the deal as a historic agreement. The leaders of Israel called it “one of the darkest days in world history” and “a historic mistake.” The Israelis know that once Iran gets a nuclear weapon they will use it against them.

Saudi Arabia is equally unhappy stating that the deal is extremely dangerous. They feel that the lifting of international energy and financial sanctions will pour billions of dollars into the Ayatollahs coffers to allow them to further fund regional insurgence and expand their international terrorism.

On 30th September 1938 the Munich Agreement was signed in an attempt to appease Hitler. Neville Chamberlin returned to Britain and stated “this paper means peace for our time”. Less than one year later, on 1 September 1939, the Second World War started. Remember the scripture, “For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them” (1st Thessalonians 5:3).

Have we just witnessed the “Munich Agreement” of our generation? 

  1. The Red Heifer

The Temple Institute announced that they are working with an experience cattle rancher in Israel to introduce the Red Angus breed to the land. The project has been approved by the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture and has already produced several males calves. The Jewish tradition is that the a female red heifer of three years old must be used in the purification ritual for building the temple. (The age requirement is not explicitly stated in Numbers 19).

Based on this news we could be a little over 3 years from laying the foundation for the third temple. This is where the Antichrist will establish himself and declare that he is god.