Prophecy in the News – 6 August 2015

Joel Rosenberg provides this analysis of the Obama nuclear deal with Iran:


The final Iran deal is a bad deal, one that is dangerous for the American people, for the world, and particularly for our Israeli and Arab allies in the Middle East. It should be rejected by Congress on a broad bipartisan basis and vigorously countered by the next President of the United States for three main reasons:


  • First, the final Iran deal crosses President Obama’s own red lines.​
  • Second, the final Iran deal does not block Iran’s path to build and deploy nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them – to the contrary, it puts Iran on the legal path to building and deploying The Bomb in eight to ten years, or much sooner if the Iranian regime decides to cheat.
  • Third, the final Iran deal rewards the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism — a regime that has repeatedly attacked its neighbors, a regime that has repeatedly called for the annihilation of the United States and Israel, and a regime that has repeatedly deceived the international community and repeatedly violated international law with regards to its nuclear program — with more than $150 billion in cash and business contracts that will embolden them and provide more resources for international terrorism and spreading their Islamic Revolution.


Meanwhile a senior Iranian official reported that the “outbreak of WW3 is coming in the near future“.


Also the Planned Parenthood murdering babies to sell body parts abomination continues to unfold with this latest video.